1. Two German civilians kneel solemnly over the corpse of an exhumed concentration camp inmate who was murdered in Soltau. In late March of 1945, hundreds of inmates from Bergen-Belsen concentration camp who were being evacuated by the Germans were able to escape from a railway train that had been stopped in Soltau as the result of an Allied air attack. The prisoners were hunted down throughout the area by members of the Wehrmacht, SS and Hitler Youth, with the help of several townsfolk, and 92 of them were captured and shot dead. A few townspeople, by contrast, risked their own lives by providing the escapees with food and clothing. Following the British occupation of the area in early April, some villagers came forth with information about the atrocity. British forces shot several German soldiers after the discovery of the bodies and arrested several others. However, the post-war trials of those who took part in the killings ended in acquittals due to the lack of evidence. Some citizens of Soltau were forced to dig up the bodies of those who were hastily buried to be given a proper reburial, while others willingly volunteered to bury the dead out of horror of the massacre and attended a British service for the victims. Soltau, Lower Saxony, Germany. April 1945.

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