1. A Lithuanian soldier of the Lithuanian Armed Forces gazes appreciatively over the returned city of Vilnius. Prior to the outbreak of war, Vilnius was contested by both the Polish and Lithuanian governments. On 9 October 1920, the Polish Army surreptitiously, seized Vilnius during an operation known as Żeligowski’s Mutiny. On 20 February 1922, the entire area was annexed by Poland, with the city becoming the capital of the Wilno Voivodship (Wilno being the name of Vilnius in Polish). Lithuania then moved its capital to Kaunas and refused diplomatic relations with Poland. Following the German and Soviet invasion and partition of Poland in September 1939, the Soviet Union seized Vilnius and returned the city to Lithuania. A Lithuanian Army parade took place on 29 October 1939 through the city center with jubilant Lithuanians in attendance. However, this action by the Soviet Union was merely a strategic ruse, as Soviet authorities had already determined the fate of unwitting Lithuania. On 3 August 1940, the whole of Lithuania was invaded, occupied and annexed into the Soviet Union. A Soviet government was installed with Vilnius as the capital of the newly created Lithuanian S.S.R. Vilnius, Vilnius County, Lithuania. November 1939.

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