1. Fascist Italian naval commando frogmen of the 10th Assault Vehicle Flotilla (Decima Flottiglia MAS, or Xª MAS) photographed in the streets of Turin. The Xª MAS was active during the Battle of the Mediterranean and took part in a number of raids on Allied shipping. These operations involved surface speedboats, manned torpedoes, and Gamma Frogmen. During the campaign Xª MAS took part in more than a dozen operations which sank or damaged five Allied warships and 20 merchant ships. In 1943, after Italian dictator Mussolini was ousted, Italy left the Tripartite Pact and joined the Allies. Many of the Xª MAS commandos who were stationed in German-occupied northern Italy enlisted to fight for Mussolini’s newly formed Italian Social Republic and retained the unit title, but were primarily employed as an anti-partisan force operating on land. Turin, Piedmont, Italy. April 1944.

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